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The Government Administrations, whether national, regional or local, have the common objective of promoting economic development by increasing productivity. One key driver of this growth is the industrial sector, led by the small and medium enterprises (SME), which comprise 99% of businesses in Spain.

The difficulties faced by small businesses can by summarized in 5 main categories:


Key Industrial
Policy Drivers

Improve industrial competitiveness

Boost innovation and R&D

Support SME growth and vitality

International market orientation

Strengthen strategic industrial sectors

Although the growth hurdles faced by companies are amply documented, the various initiatives proposed and implemented by the Government have often been too passive, not yielding the expected visibility and tangible results but, above all, these initiatives have failed to secure the implication of businesses.

One of the challenges faced by the Government Administration is to adopt a proactive stance by anticipating, in collaboration with companies, the variables that hinder growth. This process would allow the design of support programs with a business perspective, with practical ideas addressing the reality of SMEs thereby ensuring their buy-in, participation and finally, achieve tangible and measurable results.

How can we help you?

At Stay Consulting, we see our role as a link between the Administration and SMEs. We design solutions to achieve the public policy goals and targets, however, always connecting with the reality of businesses.

Based on our experience working with companies, we can anticipate and detect problems, come-up with solutions and implementation plans from a generic, sectorial or corporate perspective. To illustrate how we can help, we offer examples of projects we have worked on to achieve industry growth and to carry out the goals and objectives of the Administration.


Identification of small, medium and large business challenges, from a vertical and transversal perspective, to propose and implement practical and feasible solutions, case by case, to boost growth, competitiveness, innovation, internationalization, financing, and management training.


Identification and evaluation of the specific and generic causes affecting sectors and segments, hindering consolidation and growth due to, for example challenges in diversifying to new markets and internationalization, innovation, the difficulty in obtaining financing, distressed companies and loss of jobs, etc.

Redefinition of

Redefinition of the traditional sector boundaries towards a new concept of meeting customers’ global demands.


We know from experience that there is a lot to learn from other industries, regions, countries, by evaluating the network of relationships and causal factors which allows us to anticipate and propose solutions.

Strategic Resources

Leverage the country’s, region or city strategic resources and competitive advantage to generate multi-sector solutions which would draw in a greater number of businesses with the goal of designing an ample value proposition.

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