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The reality of a businessperson is to be confronted with numerous challenges of time, money, personnel, etc., which hinder his or her ability to find the necessary space to rethink their business from a strategic perspective.

Often we find that clients do not have a concise plan for the future but rather an idea of what could be done, coupled with internal communication difficulties, which impede the bouncing off of ideas, their implications from a financial standpoint as well as how to begin and implement.

The strategic challenges experienced generally center around succession planning and transfer, boosting growth in mature markets or opening new market niches with a feasibility analysis, etc.

On the other hand, the day-to-day dynamic is to tend to the numerous challenges as they relate to general business management issues such as the loss of a key employee, financial impasses, sales difficulties, lack of resources, vendor relationships, etc.


The external and internal resources are the elements that support the strategy employed by businesses to meet their client's needs. Innovation is the optimization of these resources.

How can we help you?

Our experience shows us that as we enter into a working dynamic with clients, an energetic and mobilizing dialogue emerges, activating the creative juices, process during which we help organize and focus the opportunities and business solutions.

Stay Consulting’s priorities are the companies and its people, from their perspective, coming up with solutions, following up, sharing experiences, debating and comparing ideas, assessing their feasibility based on resources available and financial needs and finally, designing a viable action plan, with our ongoing support during every phase all the way thru to implementation. By way of example, we can help you in the following ways:

Potential Approaches

Open up the spectrum of available opportunities to enable the businessperson to see the possibilities of how to grow his/her business

Identify areas of improvement

Foster creative brainstormings to generate business ideas

Find causal relationships between firms to discern new business opportunities (alliances, joint-ventures, etc.)

Evaluate markets with growth potential

Assess where and how to export

Search for buyers and / or financial resources

Design a succession plan


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