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The confederations and / or federations provide information about the economic, social and labor trends in Spain, with the objective of improving business competitiveness. Similarly, the association’s role, as a representative or lobby, is to defend the interests of their members and respective sectors in addition to offering an array of services and support tools.

How can we help you?

Stay Consulting provides solutions to these organizations based on the following perspectives:

Perspective 1

Taking the reality of the company as a starting point, we can anticipate and / or detect challenges, acting as the link between businesses, their respective industries and Industry Trade Groups and Associations. This vision or systemic approach allows us to generate and implement solutions designed to foster growth from a generic, sectorial or corporate standpoint however,never losing sight of the company perspective.

Perspective 2

On the other hand, we provide specific help to tend to the needs of association members:


Market studies including tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, growth projections, national and international benchmarking, cluster creation based on a global customer demand approach rather than a product attribute.


Market segmentation, identification of new competitors, mergers and acquisitions in their industry, new business opportunity searches, financing, training, internationalization, succession and transmission, supply chain, competitiveness factors per market segment, etc.

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