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In the current economic situation, the Financial Entities’ competitive landscape is undergoing a significant transformation from a structural standpoint as well as shifting market conditions. One important change is the minimal capital requirement banks are obligated to reserve which no longer depends only the investment volume but also on the risks assumed by the entity, giving rise to new risk management tools.

We provide differential risk management tools thru onsite professional training.

This situation requires that banks incorporate in their day-to-day risk management, a system of credit ratings to assess the future capacity of the borrower to repay debts, which in turn requires a more in-depth and rigorous knowledge of businesses and their respective sectors.

In this context the Risk Management and Sales Departments are the most affected by this new environment. 

How can we help you?

At Stay Consulting, we design custom-tailored, practical and operational solutions enhancing the risk assessment tools already utilized by Financial Entities. These solutions include assessment, technical and training support for those responsible for evaluating risk and meeting sales targets to enable them to operate with the maximum efficiency and profitability.

Specifically, our solutions provide the Territorial Teams and Retail Banking Office Networks with an assessment methodology and tools enabling them to:

methodology and tools

Have at their disposal:

Industry summaries, identifying weaknesses and opportunities per market segment.

Quantitative and qualitative indicators per sector.

Support tools for financial statements analyses per market segment/sector.

Leading business model indicators per market sector.

Quantitative and qualitative analyses tools to assess companies current situation, future plans, and market sector positioning.

Identify the product and service offerings related to the needs of their target industry sectors to increase business opportunities.

Identify financial needs and opportunities per segment / sector to develop new product and services offerings.

Finally, to ensure that the market information and analyses tools are incorporated in the Risk Management and Sales departments’ day-to-day, we provide custom-designed onsite professional training.

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