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At Stay Consulting we specialize in providing solutions addressing business challenges for small, medium and large companies, government administrations, industry trade groups, associations and financial entities. We tend to the needs and difficulties of our clients with the objective of achieving sustainable growth and competitive advantage, building more capable organizations and securing long lasting results.

One of the main pillars of our methodology is innovation; we diagnose all the business model variables thru their interdependent relationships, which support growth and continuity. The purpose is to detect areas of improvement, search for discontinuities and opportunities internally and externally, with the goal of remodeling or designing a new system of activities, relating them in a novel manner to satisfy clients’ needs.

Each solution is unique depending on the needs of our customers. For the Public Administration and Professional Associations, we start with a diagnose of individual companies working in the trenches, enabling us to develop a vision of the segments/sector situation, then we expand the scope looking for causal relationships between businesses, organizations, other sectors, and evaluating the companies’ interdependence beyond their value chain.

Finally, we tend to the specific needs of Financial Entities, advising and designing tailored made solutions, operational and educational in nature, to enable the Commercial and Risk departments to operate with efficacy, efficiency and profitably.

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