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Due to various factors, the textile sector in a region of Spain was in danger of an impending disappearance. The corresponding industry Association came to us to develop a global strategic plan to save more than 200 companies and almost 5000 jobs. In addition, our client required that the solutions prompt the Regional Government Administration's involvement to salvage a key sector in its province.


In conjunction with the Association, a study was set-up to identify the various segments within the textile industry and to design a checklist based on the leading companies in each segment. Subsequently, the checklist was applied to more than 20 companies within the three identified segments including vendors and customers. Based on the data gathered, a team comprised of company representatives, association staff and consultants, determined the causes for the decline of the industry and came up with several viable strategic goals based on the available capabilities to regain competitiveness.


Together with the Local Administration, our findings and action plans were communicated to the media followed by a presentation to the Regional Administration.

The action plan consisted of two phases:  First, an Urgency Plan was devised to provide immediate support to viable companies but which were experiencing financial difficulties. The second phase was a Global Viability Plan, which sought to reposition the industry in the medium term and included the following: To provide financial support and guaranties from the Public Administration, the creation of a Management Center to regulate the supply and serve as a support infrastructure for companies, and finally, a Central Distribution system was created to funnel a brand image thru a network of retail stores and to provide access to international markets.

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